Pedigree Planner is a powerful computer program for analysing racehorse pedigrees. There is a version of Pedigree Planner for thoroughbreds, and one for harness horses, called Messenger Mate. There is also a version available for Quarter Horses, called Quarterbase. Each program caters for the differences between the breeds.

Computer programs have been essential tools for pedigree analysts for some time. Now stallion owners, commercial and hobby breeders, and pedigree enthusiasts are increasingly using these analysis programs.

Pedigree Planner is easy to use yet powerful software, which gives you the information that you need to analyse pedigrees so that you can make quicker and better decisions on prospective matings and potential purchases.

The program features:

  • All the major pedigree analysis methods including linebreeding, X-chromosome line of descent and dosage.
  • Several methods to give you the ability to analyse beyond six generations.
  • Unique screen handling that allows you to move around a large pedigree, displaying a window of six or seven generations.

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